First Lady’s visit excites Manicaland

Cletus Mushanawani News Editor
MANICALAND is honoured to be the first province to host the First Lady, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe, says Manicaland Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Cde Mandi Chimene.

Dr Amai Mugabe will be visiting Buhera North today (Friday) where thousands of people are expected to welcome her during her debut provincial tour of the year.

In an interview yesterday (Thursday) ahead of the First Lady’s visit, Cde Chimene, said as province they felt honoured to be accorded the chance to be the first province to host the First Lady in 2017.

“The year is just beginning and it is an honour for us in Manicaland to be accorded the chance to host the mother of the nation. As the mother of the nation, she will be meeting her children to give them direction for 2017. Like in any family set-up, parents set the tone for the year and that is what our dear mother will be doing in Buhera.

“As Manicaland, we are more than ready to welcome our First Lady. All logistics are in place and come tomorrow (Friday), all roads will be leading to Buhera. God blessed us with rains this year and everyone travelling to Buhera will see a green Buhera unlike in the past where wilting crops were a common sight especially this time of the year,” she said.

On logistics, Cde Chimene, said: “It is systems all go to receive Dr Amai Mugabe. Manicaland is the most organised province and we will prove that tomorrow. Communication was sent to all Members of the National Assembly to mobilise enough transport and resources to ferry people to Buhera North. The response from our traditional sponsors among them businesspeople has been overwhelming.

“We are also excited that schools are volunteering their buses to help to transport people to Buhera and we want to thank them for that gesture. We are the pacesetters and those who will come after us in hosting national events of this nature will have a torrid time to surpass our standards,” said Cde Chimene.

In an earlier interview, Zanu-PF national secretary for administration in the Women’s League, Cde Letina Undenge, said Dr Amai Mugabe, was an inspiration to many women.

“We are very excited to be hosting Dr Amai Mugabe in Manicaland. She is an inspiration to many women. We have benefitted a lot from her unquestionable leadership qualities as the Women’s League. During her short stint at the helm of the Women’s League, she has initiated a lot of projects that has transformed the lives of many women.

“As women in Manicaland, we are assured of learning many things from her inspired address come Friday. She is a straight talker and I am rest assured that she will leave us a more united lot in Manicaland. To us, Dr Amai Mugabe’s visit will be a double celebration as it comes five days before President’s 93rd birthday. Dr Amai Mugabe should be hailed for looking after our President who is still as fit as a fiddle despite his age. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you Amai for looking after our father,” said Cde Undenge.

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