Ntabazinduna chief, Nhlanhlayamangwe Felix Ndiweni has wed his second wife, Ntokozo Dlodlo in a cattle kraal. 

The two-day traditional wedding ceremony which was held at his homestead in Ntabazinduna in front of villagers, family and relatives took place at a cattle pen to signify royalty. 

Chief Ndiweni (52) said he chose to marry Ntokozo (32) in a traditional way and in a cattle pen as living testimony of what chiefs should do as custodians of traditional values, customs and beliefs. 

 “I chose to go the traditional way since the position I hold in society is a traditional one. I just wanted to be a living example of what traditional leaders should do as custodians of traditional values and beliefs.

“Some people thought I was going to do it the Western way since I stayed in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. 

“People should also know that I come from a deeply cultured background which was fostered by my father who was a chief for 71 years. I also wanted to revive a practice that was last witnessed some years back,” he said.

He said they just wanted to fill their wedding with things they love and remind them of some of the best times in their lives. 

Asked why he chose a kraal as his place of nuptials, a smiling Chief Ndiweni said:“There is no doubt the reception venue was probably one of the most unique things about our wedding and it was in line with our Ndebele culture. A kraal in our culture is the heart or backbone of our life. 

“A kraal is a symbol of wealth and respect since it is where cattle are kept. Cattle in our African tradition are a status symbol. They are used to pay lobola and can also be slaughtered on important occasions.” 

On why he took a second wife when his legal marriage to his first wife Florence (Nee Sikhosana) based in the United Kingdom was still subsisting, he said it was something which he discussed with her (Florence) so that he could expand the family. 

“Marrying a second wife was something I had planned for the past 10 years since I knew I was the next chief and it was also through Florence’s blessing after I persuaded her that I wanted to expand the family.

“For the record, I am not the one who proposed to her but it was something which was done by my grannies and aunts. 

“They are the ones who proposed to Ntokozo for me. The proposal was not an overnight process, it took them almost a year to find her. Our meetings from the first day I was introduced to her were always escorted until the day we got married. 

“Traditionally, marriage is not for the individual but rather for the entire family and as a chief when you decide to get married, you must get consent from the whole family,” he added. 

Chief Ndiweni however, dispelled rumours that his first wife caused a scene on the eve of the wedding day as she wanted to stop it.

“It is not true that there was drama on the eve of the wedding day. Yes, I am still legally married to my first wife but I persuaded her to allow me to have a second wife despite the fact that our marriage does not permit me to do that.

Chief Ndiweni said following the traditional wedding Ntokozo was formally installed as one of the Queens of the Ndiweni clan