"Call for Chihuri to go is treasonous" – Attorney-General


    Tomana, whose position is also disputable said the office of the Commissioner-General of Police is an arm of the State which falls directly under the President and carries national security responsibilities, adding that it should be protected by the constitution.

    Tomana said such stories and calls have the effect of obstructing the effective execution of duty by the Commissioner-General and create alarm and despondency thereby causing a security risk in the country.

    He called on the media to respect and uphold the constitution and laws of the country, adding that every Zimbabwean has the responsibility and obligation to protect constitutional offices.

    Turning to those in the inclusive government who have been making the same utterances and discussing them with the media, Tomana said they are breaching the Official Secrets Act where they took an oath not to divulge security issues.

    He also reminded them that under the constitution, it is only the Head of State and Government who still has the mandate to lead government as that of the members of the inclusive government expired in February last year according to the Global Political Agreement.

    This week has been characterised by screaming headlines from private newspapers baying for Commissioner-General Chihuri’s blood. 

    The papers, which have sensationalised the issue, say Commissioner General Chihuri’s appointment should only be made in consultation with other principals of the inclusive government.