Robert Mugabe executes rioting soldiers

The callous act has been communicated to all members of the armed forces as a chilling warning by the paranoid regime.

Last night, a fast track military court martial at Army Head Quarters’ KG6 Barracks was presided over by the retired High court judge Major General George Chiweshe, sitting with three other assessors, two Majors and a Captain. They passed death sentences to the 16 soldiers and it was signed by Robert Mugabe just before midnight and excecutions were carried out around 4 am in the presents of a military Doctor and the victim’s bodies were taken to unknown destination.


It is not known whether relatives of the victims have been informed.


Major General Chiweshe is the current Chairman of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, and prior to his appointment to the High Court bench he was the Director Army Legal Services (DLS).


The 16 soldiers executed on Tuesday morning are believed to have been arrested during the skirmished with police in the last few days.


It is also reported that three other soldiers died during torture.

The line of the Zimbabwe regime’s propaganda says the soldiers beat up and arrested illegal foreign currency traders in the streets of Harare on Monday, accusing them of causing severe cash shortages, but our source can revealed that this is all part on the power struggles within Zanu PF.

“They are all fighting for resources to take control, and how would they (soldiers) feel when they see commanders driving Q7s, yet they can’t access their salaries in the banks” said one source. Foreign currency dealers at Road Port are believed to be Zanu PF militia working for the country’s Central Bank to finance party activities against internal Zanu PF factions.

At the Reserve Bank, former police Commissioner Henry Mukurazhizha is in charge of the clandestine foreign currency operations with the assistance of CIO officers stationed at Atlas House, along Samora Macheal House and some members of the police force.

Soldiers clashed with dealers after the armed forces began rounding up currency traders in the capital, after ordered to do so by certain Senior Army officers believed to be aligned to retired General Solomon Mujuru in the Zanu PF power struggles.

Police were called to break up the clash, which degenerated into a looting binge in several shops, in which soldiers were accused of participating.

The army and police refused to immediately comment.

Black market foreign currency peddling has become rampant in Zimbabwe as the country battles food and chronic currency shortages with inflation at a staggering 231-million percent.

Currency restrictions have led to long queues outside banks, with some depositors sleeping on the streets just to be at the front.

While the currency, once on a par with the British pound, is in freefall, unemployment is a staggering 80 percent.

In September, the reserve bank licensed some shops to sell goods in foreign currency in a bid to curb the burgeoning black market in basic commodities.

Zimbabwe is also facing a cholera epidemic which has killed more than 400 people.