AS IT HAPPENED: Zanu-PF Victory Rally at the National Sports Stadium


The ruling party Zanu-PF held its final campaign rally dubbed “Victory rally” at the giant national Sports Stadium today. President Mnangagwa addressed the gathering and declared that the party is assured of victory. He also implored the nation to vote peace. For more details of what happened and what he said, scroll down and read going up. 

14:48 – We have come to the end of the rally. Thank you for being with us.

14:41 – President Mnangagwa says – as he concludes his address – “even if you are provoked do not retaliate but leave everything to the police”

14:40 – President Mnangagwa says representatives from liberation movements of Southern Africa are also in attendance

14:38 – “I am happy that the people of Zimbabwe share the dream of a modern Zimbabwe. Whatever we do we must have approval of the people. Zimbabwe is born afresh. This coming Monday we are going to win the elections. We are voting for the future.”

14:37 –  President Mnangagwa implores people to offer hospitality to all international visitors in the country.

14:35 – “Zanu PF is in power and will continue to be in power.”

14:34 – “The land reform will be reoriented to curb multiple ownership of farmers as well as cutting of large farms to benefit others.”

14:33 – “We have allowed observers from all over the world including the Commonwealth to observe our elections. We left the Commonwealth because of differences in our land reform. The land reform is irreversible.”

14:32 – “We need the rule of law in Zimbabwe. Zanu PF was in the forefront of campaigning freely. For the first time in history of our country every political party has been available to campaign where they want because we enjoy the democratic space.Those who want to be violent we say no. Zimbabwe will never again allow violence. All sections of our society love peace.”

14:29 – “We have accepted the participation of foreign observers. We have Zec an independent commission. Chamisa one of the people who selected that commission. No political party has a right to guide Zec. Zec is guided by the law. No political party can give directions to Zec because the Constitution says so. I am aware of some political parties that have been attempting to influence Zec outside of the law.I am aware of some political parties that have been attempting to influence Zec outside of the law.”

14:26 – He says “we were finishing someone’s terms, but with a five-year-term I guarantee you concrete change.”

14:24 – “The Government is there to provide an environment where business can thrive. Since January our economy has grown and we are likely to reach six percent at the end of the year. We are heading towards a modern and prosperous Zimbabwe. We know that real change takes time and requires tough decisions, we are ready to take the steps.”

14:22 – “At Davos we met the global investors and firmly stated our position that Zimbabwe is open for business. To be open for business we also have to be peaceful. We now have 133 political parties in Zimbabwe, 55 taking part in the election, 23 presidential, showing that the wind of freedom has blown towards Zimbabwe.”

14:21 – “To do all that we cannot depend on domestic capital alone. We have to create an environment for global capital to come to Zimbabwe.”

14:20 – He says dualisation of major highways is taking shape. We now want to leapfrog and catch up with the rest of the continent in terms of modernizing our sectors.

14:19 – In terms of infrastructures development President Mnangagwa says Harare has failed to deliver basic service delivery because of MDC the council but the situation will improve.

14:18 – President Mnangagwa says cotton production is also on the up and Government has improved the price of cotton. He also says the power supply situation has also improved with 600Mw set to be supplied to the National grid from Hwange while the 2400 Mw Batoka Power project which is a partnership with Zambia is also shaping up.

President Mnangagwa makes a grand entrance into the National Sports Stadium.

President Mnangagwa makes a grand entrance into the National Sports Stadium.

14:15 – President Mnangagwa says gold production had declined but this year it will reach 30 tonnes. He says there will be no Makorokoza anymore as they are now being regularised as artisanal miners through gold service sectors.

14:14 – “We are creating wealth but the provinces do not produce the same that is why we also introduced Command Livestock. There is also Command Fisheries spearheaded by Cde Muchinguri. Vice President Chiwenga is now supervising Command Agriculture and is assisted by the likes of Minister Shiri.”

14:10 – He says a number of Mines have reopened. The groundbreaking in Hwange created 3000 jobs.

“In Harare we have upgraded the Robert Mugabe International Airport after receiving funding from China. In Mashonaland West we had another groundbreaking at Karo Resources.”

He adds that formal jobs created so far, according to NSSA, run into thousands.

14:07 – $850 million was brought back into the country by people we did not name. We named those that did not bring back the money but the journey is not yet over.

14:06 – He says we must commend ourselves for what we have done so far including the $20 billion investment commitments made so far.

14:05 – “Over the last eight months I have shared your vision. We cannot go where we want overnight. The role of the President is to act and we shall act and act. We have begun to implement the plans that we have in all sub-sectors of the economy. We have made tough decisions some which are not palatable. No one who is honest will say things are not changing. We have opened the country to the world through the Zimbabwe is Open for business campaign.”

14:03 – “I have met the old and the young and I have enjoyed it. We have addressed hundreds of thousands of people and we see hope and I share their view that something special is coming to Zimbabwe. I will never be complacent and I will work for every single vote from Zimbabweans.”

14:00 – President Mnangagwa says he has been received well after traveling across the length and breath of the country.

“I have heard the voice of people from all walks of life, their cries and their aspirations. Together we can create a Zimbabwe that the people want. Zanu PF is a mass party. It does not fit in anyone’s pocket but we can all fit in its pocket. It is Zanu PF that will protect the legacy of the country.On Monday it is the end of the long road for all of us. What is wanted on Monday is only one push and have a thunderous victory for Zanu PF.”

13:57 He said the people have said they have renewed hope for their country.

13:56 – He says all the leadership of Zanu PF must commit to become listening leaders.

“Power comes from the people and leaders also come from the people.”

He says after his inauguration he has met people from across all sectors while listening to their challenges.

13:55 – He says we are in a new Zimbabwe – “we are in New era and we are resolute in our endeavour to build a modernised Zimbabwe. We build our new Zimbabwe on the basis of peace love and harmony. We want peace unity and harmony among our people.”

13:53 –  He said it was the party’s plan to make Harare the last port of call for campaigning.

13:50 – The President begins his speech by greeting all senior party members. He says he will mainly address the gathering in English to cater for the international audience.

13:48 – ED chants Zanu-PF slogans and the crowd responds – their response is deafening.

13:46 – President Mnangagwa takes to the podium and the DJ turns up the volume – Kutonga Kwaro belts from the speakers.

13:44 – He says President Mnangagwa has also stayed true to his word that the polls would be peaceful.

13:42 – VP Chiwenga says the National Sports Stadium is of great significance as it was the venue for President Mnangagwas inauguration last November.

13:38 – VP Chiwenga has the microphone. He is introducing the party’s presidential election candidate – President Mnangagwa.

13:36 – First Lady Mnangagwa takes to the podium and the crowd goes wild.She chants party slogans before she takes her seat.

 13:34 – He invites Zanu-PF national chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri to chant party slogans.

13:30 – Zanu-PF national political commissar, Cde Engelbert Rugeje is on the podium to make introductions.

13:15 – Everyone is up as the whole stadium sings the national anthem.

13:12 – President Mnangagwa, who is accompanied by First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa, is now taking his seat at the top table as the programme officially begins. Minutes ago he made his way around the stadium greeting supporters while the song Kutonga Kwaro was being belted from the speakers. It’s really a party atmosphere here.

13:08 – President Mnangagwa has arrived at the stadium and the crowd gives him a thunderous welcome. Earlier on VP Chiwenga also arrived and received a similar reception.

13:05 – Delegates who include high ranking Zanu-PF officials have arrived at the stadium.



12:58 – Zanu-PF supporters are already filling the giant stadium. Below are some of the images from the stadia,.





President Mnangagwa today addresses Zanu-PF’s final rally at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. The rally is dubbed “Victory Rally” as the ruling party is confident that the elections on Monday are a foregone conclusion.

We will be doing live updates of the rally so stay with us.