JUST IN: Zuma refuses to go, “tell me what I have done” he dares ANC


Jacob Zuma broke his silence on Wednesday to say that efforts to oust him were “very unfair”, hours after police raided the home of a business family suspected of using its ties to the South African President to influence Cabinet appointments and land state contracts.

“It was very unfair to me that this issue is raised,” he said in an unannounced live TV interview on SABC shortly after midday, UK time.

“Nobody has ever provided the reasons. Nobody is saying what I have done.”

Mr Zuma said the ruling African National Congress had not followed party procedures in trying to unseat him.

“I need to be furnished on what I’ve done. What is this hurry?”

Mr Zuma also claimed that he agreed last week with Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC party president who is expected to replace him as South Africa’s leader, on a delayed resignation.

Earlier, the ANC said it would support a motion of no-confidence in him brought by an opposition party on Thursday if he does not resign beforehand.