Cool Crooners plot jazz revival

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent

THE granddads of Jazz music in Zimbabwe, the Cool Crooners, are expected to serenade Mine Entra delegates and buyers as well as fans of the jazz genre tomorrow.

The mining exhibition running under the theme “Resourcing the Future: Exploring and Leveraging Mining Potential” kicks off today at the ZITF and will end on Friday.

Tomorrow, the veteran musicians will take to the stage at New Alabama (Rainbow Hotel) during the “Be Jazzled Winter Warming Jazz Night”.

They will be joined by Manzi AMoyo, Bulawayo Jazz Club Band and Triple C.

Obert Chunda of the newly formed Bulawayo Jazz Club said they wanted to revive the jazz genre while ensuring that the genre’s lovers enjoy mellow music after a long day at Mine Entra.

“We’re trying to revive jazz and we thought this was the perfect timing for us to do so. Mine Entra participants from all over the world are in the city and they need to have a place to relax and have one or two while listening to one of the very best jazz artistes in Zimbabwe.

“It’ll also be a chance for people to have a taste of the musical talent we possess locally,” said Chunda.

Watching the Cool Crooners has been a rarity for most as some members of the group have cut down on the number of shows because of old age.

However, when they do take to the stage, they are a marvel to watch and listen to.

Chunda said tomorrow’s show was part of efforts by his organisation to revive Jazz music in the city.

“Bulawayo was at one time, the hub of jazz music in the country. We’ll be holding more of these events to get people to appreciate jazz more in order to have a thriving jazz music scene in Bulawayo,” he said.

The Bulawayo Jazz Club, Chunda said, was formed as a result of a meeting that was held by Jazz music enthusiasts in April during the

International Jazz Day commemorations at Queens Sports Club. At the meeting, it was agreed that a Jazz club be formed in the city to revive the genre.