The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent 

RAPPER Cal Vin believes that when he drinks alcohol, he becomes a loose cannon, something that has made him lose a lot of things in life. As such, he has decided to quit drinking indefinitely. 

Asked why he had come to this decision, Cal Vin said he has a strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde before and after he drinks alcohol.

“I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with alcohol, but for me, I can’t handle it to be honest. It makes me turn into a loose cannon and I do dumb things. 

“I don’t want that anymore especially now that I’m a father and an inspiration to the youth,” said Cal Vin.

In the past, the multi-award-winning artiste who recently bagged a Roil Bulawayo Arts Award gong has had bouts of being drunken and disorderly during award ceremonies. His behaviour offstage has been subject to talk by many people thereby compromising his career. 

Regrettably, Cal Vin who once had a promising career lost potential deals because of his drunken behaviour.

“I’ve lost a lot of money and I truly regret that because this money could have done a lot for me from buying assets to recording music videos, but I had this addiction to feed and it really set me back. I also got into unnecessary fights in places where I could have been making money. Unfortunately, I did so in front of people who could have helped me grow and push my career,” said Cal Vin.

 Last year, Cal Vin held a 30-day challenge of staying away from booze and this was because the doctor had told him his body had too much alcohol. 

“Last year, my body would shake after I’d taken Gin and tonic and I visited the doctor. He told me I’d too much alcohol in my system and my body couldn’t handle it. 

“He advised me to stop and I did. That’s when I held the 30 day challenge,” said Cal Vin.

 However, immediately after the 30 days, the rapper was back on the bottle because of peer pressure, according to him.

“After completing the challenge, I started drinking again. I’ve friends who had joined me on the 30-day challenge and we agreed that we’d start drinking again after completing the challenge,” said Cal Vin.

But now, after reviewing his life, the Zikuphan’ hit-maker says it’s time he starts working towards preparing for his family’s future and cleaning up his act. 

“I’m doing it (stopping drinking) to restore my lost gains and pride. I want to do the right thing for my daughter. It’s about growth I guess. It’s just a decision to turn a new leaf in my life. 

“I want to restore my glory days and press that reset button on my career and restore all broken relationships because it’s really easy to drink your life away.”

He said he does not want to be known as the artiste who has a drinking problem.

Cal Vin who at one point was rumoured to have beaten up his mother during his drunken moments, said he hoped that this hiatus would not affect his creativity in the studio. 

“I hope it (not drinking) won’t affect my creativity though because I mostly rely on it as my source of inspiration when I’m recording and writing songs,” said Cal Vin.

 Although he is not getting professional help, Cal Vin said his relatives, church members and some people are encouraging him.