Beyonce disappoints SA fans

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South African fans of American singer — Beyonce Knowles-Carter will not give her a break until she posts an image or video of her in their country on her official social media pages.

Beyonce, accompanied by her husband Jay Z and their three children arrived in Johannesburg last Thursday for a performance at the Global Citizen Festival last Sunday. They were there for about four days and angered fans after failing to post images/video clips during/after their visit.

From their arrival, the Carters, as the couple is referred to, clearly wanted to keep a low profile as Jay Z was spotted in a black hoodie trying to hide one of the twins while Beyonce covered herself with an umbrella.

Upon learning that the power couple had touched down in South Africa, social media went ablaze with many posting that even though they were far away from the couple, they were glad to be sharing the same air that they were breathing.

With this hype and her early arrival, many fans were constantly checking Beyonce’s social media accounts with the hope to stalk and see what she was up to. Alas, she never posted anything, disappointing many.

Come last Sunday, the day of the festival, people packed the FNB Stadium to watch Beyoncé & Jay-Z in action. While the lineup had the likes of Black Coffee, Cassper Nyovest, D’banj, Ed Sheeran, Eddie Vedder, Femi Kuti, Pharrell Williams & Chris Martin, Tiwa Savage, Usher, and Wizkid, it was the power couple — especially Beyonce — that most were interested in.

But sadly, this celebrated couple, from their performance, disappointed many fans who had waited for hours to watch them in action. Jay Z, according to many, disturbed Beyonce’s set as he made it quite lukewarm.

Still following Beyonce, people, especially those who missed the show, hoped to get highlights on her social media accounts. This was not to be as she did not post pictures of her outfit on stage or performance neither did she give a summary of her SA trip. As she is a person with a hectic schedule, people gave Beyonce some days to rest thinking she would eventually post something.

But this week, after noticing that Beyonce had posted about her performance at a wedding in India, she triggered fans in South Africa who posted on end, complaining about her behaviour. Of the close to 20 000 comments on the image of her performing in India, most of them were from South Africans ranting, quizzing her if she did not enjoy her stay in their country.

“Wow Moghel. You’re just gonna slide past Global Citizen like that? Did you not enjoy yourself here? I’m puzzled. No pictures, nothing,” commented one Nana MJ on Instagram.

TV personality, Somizi Mhlongo wrote: “Guys I’m worried. Has Beyonce blocked me? I can’t see pictures of her in South Africa on Instagram.”

The likes of Kelly Khumalo responded saying they were baffled.

“She hates South Africa, she didn’t wanna be here,” commented Feli M.

“I’m still waiting for her to post pictures from South Africa. The way SA designers were so happy to design something for her makes me wonder if she was happy.”

However, one Pontsho explained saying Beyonce who rarely posts her family on social media platforms treated South Africa as such.

“Have you ever seen Beyonce posting her kids or family? Africa is not just business for her, but a family. Let her continue business on her Instagram page.”

Another fan advised those who were ranting that Beyonce and her family members like Solanje had another page called Formation Ghost where they post.

However, there was just a five second video clip of her FNB performance on that page.