Fans demand more from Roki

 Rockford ‘Roki’ Josphats

Rockford ‘Roki’ Josphats

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
Musician Rockford “Roki” Josphats’ fans are demanding more from him as they believe he has the potential to conquer the continent.

This comes after Roki recently featured on a song titled Huya Undichukuchire by Xtra Large. The music video of the song was posted on YouTube last month.

After listening to the track and watching the video, fans commended Roki for his voice with some describing it as warm. So good was Roki on the track that he actually overshadowed Xtra Large.

“Roki’s voice is just heartwarming; the song is dope but would’ve been nicer without Xtra large. Maimbiro e Xtra large ava echikare kare, (the way Xtra Large sings is now outdated).

“That song needed someone like ExQ or Tytan. Happy that Roki is back though,” commented one Winne Gee on YouTube.

The video rekindled the love that fans have for Roki, reminding them of hits during the Urban Grooves era such as Seiko, Suzana and Chidzoka. From that era, some artistes have survived such as ExQ who has been blazing a trail for the past three years.

But for Roki, he was and still is a cut above the rest, according to fans and could easily be Zimbabwe’s musical export.

Praise Heather on Facebook said: “Roki is talented, I don’t understand what happens with him, but the man has got the talent.”

Lorraine Jim concurred saying Roki should have been way ahead of ExQ and Leonard Mapfumo.

“Very true, he must be far ahead of ExQ or Leonard Mapfumo. Maybe he fails to get sponsors.”

Every song that Roki is featured on, he stands out, for instance the hit Alleluya with ExQ, where he sang the song’s chorus and some verses.

Over the years, Roki has shown that he is a versatile musician as he has done almost every genre of music on offer in Zimbabwe and most tracks have been hits.

Moving from urban grooves, he tried his hand with house music with a feature on DJ Stavo’s The Journey.

“Roki did justice to this masterpiece. Roki is underrated but he’s a talented vocalist who sings remarkably unlike the overrated Jah Prayzah who is clueless when it comes to vocal control.

“Roki, may you kindly teach Jah Prayzah how to pitch his vocals since he’s now the so called “big dawg” of Zim music or else he’ll continuously misrepresent us,” suggeseted Grant Moyo on YouTube.

Most recently, Roki showed another side of his talent when he tackled a dancehall beat with Yaka Yaka on a track Baddest Whine. After listening to it, some wondered if Roki realised the amount of talent he possesses.

“Does Roki know the power of his vocals or the reach of his talent at all? Akaipa mface uyu!!!?,” posted Tarisai Mamhungo.

After his stint in South Africa, Roki who is now back in Zimbabwe to pursue his music career seems serious about pushing his career this time.