5 Helpful Tips to Buying a Wireless Adapter for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, it’s always advantageous for gamers to have wireless capability. This includes an inbuilt Wi-Fi feature that facilitates better connectivity to the network. Unlike the traditional Ethernet cable, wireless devices aren’t tethered, making them more convenient. Modern gaming laptop models usually have a built-in Wi-Fi function like an internal adapter, but this is not the case for desktop computers. Having a wireless network adapter for gaming helps to solve most internet-related computer problems by ensuring that you have a fast and reliable internet connection.

It helps to cut the use of messy cables which can be hard to transport, remove the need for installing internal hardware and eradicate the need to upgrade your computer. The only disadvantage when using wireless connections is security – this can be rectified by setting up passwords. Topprobe.com talks about 5 of the best wireless adapter for gaming.

Here are 5 tips to follow when buying a wireless adapter for gaming:

  • Know the connection type

A wireless network can either be connected to your computer externally through an external wireless adapter connected to a USB port or an internal wireless adapter that is connected to the motherboard. When using internal wireless adapters, you are assured of consistent signal strengths which involve faster download speeds. It also reduces the risk of accidentally knocking off the connection which is a significant issue with external devices. External links, on the other hand, are more portable, versatile and convenient to use. They are more straightforward to setup and install. However, external adapters are less consistent compared to internal adapters. Whether to use an internal or external connection type will depend on your preferences, your gaming setup or any demand that would require a specific level of mobility by the adapter.

  • Check the Wifi adapter software

In most cases, a wireless adapter will need that you have a software driver for it to function. An adapter does typically not start up immediately after plugging it into the USB port. The good thing is most wireless adapters come with their own software. There is a problem though when running such software on some desktops and laptops that do have optical drives or when the software is not the latest version of the driver. It is always smart to check the software for newer builds of adapters when buying the network adapter for gaming. You might as well consider using that has an option to download a software driver if you don’t have an optical drive in your system.

  • Examine the data transfer speed and signal strength.

Data transfer speeds depend on the wireless network adapter wireless protocol with the fastest wireless protocol having speeds of up to 866.7 Mbps with 5GHz frequency. It is important to remember that the wireless signal strength does not usually have a significant effect on the download speed. But this depends on how strong or weak the signal is. In most cases, the download speed will be the same whether the signal strength is four or five bars. However, when the signal strength has one or two bars, the download speed can be reduced.

  • Power usage

Wireless adapters can vary regarding how much power they consume when used. They are often energy intensive especially when transferring data with some requiring that you have a separate power source when being used. It is more convenient to find a wireless network adapter that can be powered by the computer. This will save you the hustle of carrying an external power supply around for whenever you need to use your adapter. Having a wireless network adapter for gaming that can be powered by the computer means that the adapter requires secondary voltage.

  • Extension cable

An extension cable for your wireless adapter comes in handy in case the available USB port for your computer is not an optimal location to gain the maximum signal strength or when there are obstacles that interfere with the signal. Having an extension cable allows for the adapter to be placed in the direction where it can gain optimized signal strength.

Everything you need to consider when buying a wireless adapter depends on the environment the adapter is exposed to, especially when it comes to how it can maximize the signal speed. All the factors above demand your careful consideration.