Club Sankayi was an eye opener – Cal Vin

Cal Vin

Cal Vin

Showbiz Correspondent
HIP hop artiste Cal Vin has described his first performance at businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s Club Sankayi in Harare as one of the best experiences he has had on stage in his career.

Cal Vin had a cameo performance at the newly opened posh club last Friday.

Although it was a Rhumba night, Cal Vin – who was squeezed into the programme – said the experience was humbling.

“Sankayi was dope. The whole procedure of working with them (Kadungure’s team) was flawless – when we got there, we were like superstars and given VIP treatment. I was with Ginimbi’s sister as he wasn’t there – she took great care of me and my crew,” said Cal Vin.

“Everything was beautiful, there   were no glitches. They even arranged a radio interview for me with ZiFM Stereo.”

Travelling with his DJ called Reggie, Cal Vin said at first, it was hard to engage the crowd but as he went through his songs, they warmed up to him.

“When I went on stage, at first it was hard. I was performing mostly new songs and in isiNdebele. So it was hard for people to sing along considering that I was at a place where people don’t really understand the language.

“But as I was working the stage, people started getting engaged. There was so much love from the people out there. When I did some of my chants, they would throw them back with love. It was a great feeling for me on stage,” he said.

He thanked Ginimbi for giving him the opportunity to perform in Harare.

Cal Vin Sankayi (18)

“I’d like to thank Ginimbi for giving me this chance as I believe that this is a turning point in my career. The show was a success in my view.  “I now look forward to performing in Harare as I feel that I’ll be doing more performances there in the near future.”

Cal Vin, who had met Ginimbi at Davido’s concert in the capital last month, said he was surprised that the businessman and Harare socialite famed for hosting All-White parties was so passionate about the arts.

“I didn’t think he was really into arts like that. It’s great for someone like him to be so approachable and give people like me a platform to perform,” said Cal Vin.

ZiFM Stereo personality, Lady K, who attended the show, commended Cal Vin saying he had matured and engaged the crowd well.