Mbo Mahocs impresses on Scandal! debut

Mbo Mahocs

Mbo Mahocs

Showbiz Reporter
Congratulatory messages are pouring in for socialite and TV personality Mbo Mahocs who made her debut appearance on one of South Africa’s biggest television soapies, Scandal! on Monday.

Mbo was introduced to TV audiences as a new character, Chichi, a Nigerian girl. In Monday’s episode, she debuted by making a phone call to Kingsley Siseko Langa (Hlomla Dandala) in a commandeering Nigerian accent demanding that lawyer Langa comes to see her as she has information on a gay rights case he is working on. And wow, she rocked the character as she was oozing with confidence.

“Sir, you’re wasting my time. . .” said Mbo in the scene in a firm Nigerian tone.

This clip was recorded by her friends and fans who shared it on social media. From there, congratulatory messages started pouring in as people celebrated her success and new role. Penetrating the SA film industry is no walk in the park hence why Mbo’s role on Scandal! is being celebrated.

Also, Mbo who has presented shows on ZBC has put in a lot of work into her career over the years and needed such a break into the industry.

Judging by the feedback, her addition onto the SA production will likely see viewership of the show increasing.

Local fashion designer Sidumiso Tshuma, commenting on Mbo’s Nigerian accent wrote: “You’ve always owned that tone (‘agzent’) from day 1. Congrats”.

Wrote one Sanah Mamthue: “You nailed it, well done Mbo Mahocs.”

Musician Bekezela Nkomo who featured Mbo on his self-titles music video wrote: “This is pure talent, when God says yes . . .”

Some, however, hinted that the local government needed to take local arts more seriously as there was so much talent in the country that is being lost.

Others said they hoped Mbo’s character had not been created to depict bad things about foreigners.

“As long as they don’t use her to depict bad things about foreigners then it’s fine,” commented one Chipinda Thom.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Bulawayo beauty, whose star continues to shine, will be able to sustain the Nigerian accent in the soapie. Those who missed Monday’s episode can watch the show on weekdays at 7:30PM.