Dancing pantyless pays off for Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu car

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
BEING famed for walking around pantyless has definitely paid off for South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu as she has blessed herself with a brand new set of wheels from her proceeds during the festive season, a few weeks after buying a three-bedroom house valued at R2,5million.

The controversial entertainer, who rose to fame after appearing at last year’s Durban July pantyless, recently posted a picture on her Instagram page of a brand new Audi that was apparently bought from car dealers, McCarthy Volkswagen Middelburg.

Giving gratitude to her boss, DJ Tira who has undoubtedly moulded her to be the brand she is today, Zodwa captioned the picture: “Thank you DJ Tira . . . paid up, cash, no bank instalments…”

From there, she showed off her car to fans at the famous Eyadini Lounge in Durban which catapulted her to fame after her videos doing the Vosho dance there with a Savanna bottle in her hand were leaked to the public and went viral. From there, many clubs wanted to host her to entertain patrons with her dance moves.

In November last year, Zodwa Wabantu, who has remained humble, boasted that she would not spend her money on clothes or “slay” with it either as she prefers to invest it.

“I bought a house with my money, three bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and a garage. This is my house and I’m not renting. We slay differently,” she was quoted saying by South African media.

With charges of up to R40K as appearance fees for every show, the entertainer was last year signed under DJ Tira’s Afrotainment stable and ever since, has gained so much popularity across the continent. Through DJ Tira’s management and tutorship, she last year got gigs as far as Europe.

Zodwa previously said she was not oblivious to the fact that her fame could fade with time, hence why she charges as much as she can now and do what she might not be able to do without the cash.

She also plans to retire from the showbiz scene next year as she knows her fame will likely have faded then.