Soul Jah Love defends self

Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love

Showbiz Reporter
SOUL Jah Love, who was on Friday berated at the Manicaland Presidential Youth Interface rally at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare for gross indiscipline, has released a song apologising for seemingly being disrespectful.

The Pamamonya Ipapo hit-maker had been invited to perform at the rally which was attended by Zanu-PF supporters. As he made his way closer to the stage just after the President’s address, he diverted the crowds’ attention as party supporters who could not contain their excitement started imitating his chants, much to the dismay of Zanu-PF Youth League national commissar, Innocent Hamandishe who was on the podium.

Without hesitating, an agitated Hamandishe openly dressed down Soul Jah Love saying he was irrelevant and needed to be disciplined before threatening to remove him from the programme.

“Apoo heyi heyi, ndo-indiscipline iyoyo . . . Soul Jah Love hachisi chinhu . . . mukadaro haaridzi pano, murikunzwisisa here? (Who is Soul Jah Love? We don’t care who you are, please behave yourself. That’s indiscipline. If you continue behaving that way, he won’t perform here. Do you understand?).

“. . . iwe Soul Jah Love ita discipline, dzokera ugare kumashure uko. Chii chaunoda kutiitira ipapapo . . . wakufarisa (you Soul Jah Love behave, go back where you were sitting. What are you trying to achieve? You’re being overzealous now),” he further said.

Responding through a song, Zvinhu, that has since gone viral on social media platforms, Soul Jah Love — in apparent reference to Hamandishe — said he was in fact bigger than what the youth leader had potrayed him.

He added that people needed to understand that he had no control over people’s reactions and could not be blamed for the noise made when they saw him at the rally.

“. . . Ini handisi chinhu, ndiri zvinhu. Ndiregererei kana ndarasa hunhu asi zivai kuti zvinhu, handidi chifinhu. . . inyaya yekuti ndodiwa nevanhu. Kungosimuka zita rangu harisi kudzimika, ground rese rabva raganuka, hanzi honai chibaba chiya chakajamuka. (I’m not insignificant, I’m very popular. Forgive me for seeming disrespectful but know that I’m a force to reckon with. ) chanted Soul Jah Love.

“. . . Hapana pekuti kana vakafara ndovanyararidza. Handis’kuda kuratidza chirude, haungapikise vanhu vakuru but ndiri zvinhu (People love me and there’s no way I could have silenced the crowd. I don’t want to seem rude and I can’t argue with my elders, but I’m a force to reckon with).