Alexio joins Tuku for Nyanga concert

Alexio Kawara

Alexio Kawara

Arts Reporter
Alexio Kawara, who joins Oliver Mtukudzi for his annual Nyanga Concert on Saturday, said he is looking forward to the event that has brought people from all walks of life together over the past years.

The concert takes place at Montclair Resort and Casino and it will be preceded by a golf tournament that begins in the morning. Mtukudzi has over the past five years used the concert to go for holiday with his fans from various parts of the country.

He has performed with various musicians including Tariro Negitare, Ammara Brown, Roki and Hugh Masekela.

Masekela came as a surprise guests in 2015 and the concert was memorable. Kawara makes his debut performance at the event and he is excited about the development.

“I am happy to go and join mudhara Tuku in Nyanga. I have worked with him on several occasions, but we have never gone been at the Nyanga concert together. I have heard about the concert and many people say it is a great time to have fun at the resort,” said Kawara.

“I promise the best outing with my fans. There is no better time to beat winter than to go and dance indoors with fans from all walks of life.” Organisers of the concert said they have put everything in place ahead of the event.

“We have done everything and the response is overwhelming. Golfers have registered in huge numbers and we will definitely have a big event. After golf we will go to the hotel for a prize-giving ceremony and the concert will follow thereafter,” said Montclair general manager Brian Nyakutombwa.

“The event has brought fun to this place over the past years. It is always good to have the competition at the golf course then cap the night with music and dance.

“It will be fun throughout. Last time Hugh came as a surprise act and we are not ruling out another surprise this year. “We welcome Alexio to this year’s event and we know he will deliver the best.”