Zakaria brings new album to Mutare


Liberty Dube Entertainment Correspondent
SUNGURA virtuoso, Nicholas Zakaria has embarked on a promotional tour outside Harare to market his newly-released album, “Takakomborerwa” which features his understudies, Alick Macheso and Zakaria Zakaria.

This will be the first time the veteran lead guitarist and vocalist who has 24 albums to date will be performing in Mutare since the release of the hot album.

The show will be held at Club Mandisa.
What makes the album a sublime and exceptional package is the featuring of formidable combination (Zakaria and Macheso) who are both former members of the original Khiama Boys which rocked the sungura industry two decades ago.

They joined hands to produce a project that is set to propel Nicholas to unprecedented heights if the response it has received so far is anything to go by. The album carries six tracks that include “Sarudzo”, “Mira Pako”, “Mwambo” and “Takakomborerwa”.

Nicholas, whose nom de plume is Senior Lecturer, in an interview, revealed that he felt obliged to bring the new album to his fans outside Harare.

‘‘He pledged to perform all new songs when he meets his followers from the eastern border city.

“Takakomborerwa’ has been well received countrywide and even in regional countries such as Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia and this is very encouraging.

‘‘I believe that I will be doing justice to my fans if I present all songs from ‘Takakomborerwa’ on Saturday. They have heard it on radio but this time they will appreciate it more when we play it live. It is going to be electrical,” he said.

The goat-bearded left-handed guitarist, said although Zakaria and Macheso won’t be available for the show, Khiama Boys bandsmen will provide cover for them on songs which they feature.

Zakaria played rhythm guitars on several songs, while Macheso features as bass guitarist on “Mira Pako” and Chewa song, “Mwambo”. Show organisers said it was systems go.

“Takakomborerwa’ has been doing well on the market and we are glad that we are also playing our part in promoting the project.

“Nicholas Zakaria is a mature and prolific performer who always satisfies his fans with well-choreographic acts during live performances. He will be supported by several dance ensembles including Mandisa Kings and Queens.”

The venue recently hosted renowned musicians such as Progress Chipfumo, Bev, Peter “Dhewa” Moyo and Sekuru Bryn Taurai Mteki.