DJ’s life as a twin

DJ Liz and twin sister Sharleen Waldman

DJ Liz and twin sister Sharleen Waldman

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
IDENTICAL twins are a headache for people to differentiate and even until the late stages of their lives, it is always difficult to make out who is who.

All through their lives, twins have been grouped together, never given their own identity as they are always referred to as “the twins”.

This is the same for Bulawayo wheel spinner DJ Liz (real name Sharmaine Lizzie Waldman) who has a twin sister Sharleen Waldman. The twins will be celebrating their birthday next week Tuesday.

Up to today, Liz said people still have difficulties differentiating them.

“People still confuse us as they can’t tell the difference. When my sister goes to the shops or is in town, people often confuse her for me.

“Before, she’d try and explain. Now, she’s gotten tired of doing so and plays along by waving,” said DJ Liz.

She said even their grandmother who raised them used to get confused when they were infants.

“We did wear the same things when we were growing up in my grandmother’s house. My sister has a bigger body than me though so her clothes were slightly bigger though they were the same.

“During feeding time, gran would place us at a certain spot and she’d go prepare the food. When she’d come back, she’d pick up my sister and then feed her first. When she was done, she’d go to prepare my food and then by mistake, pick her up again and feed her hence she has a slightly bigger body than me,” said DJ Liz.

At school according to DJ Liz, they used to sit next to each other and at times get the same marks.

“We used to sit together in school and interestingly our report cards used to be the same. I don’t know how it happened as we would get the same marks at the same time which was a bit weird.”

Like any other twin, the two bicker over most things everyday.

“Growing up as a twin was fun; my sister and I used to and still fight a lot over small things. Although we fight, I’d fight for her any day. When someone says something nasty about her or whatever I’m there in her corner, defending her.”

Many people think that since twins look the same they have the same character, which DJ Liz says is not the case.

“Although we look the same, we’ve different characters. She’s a shy person. She needs to get to know you first before she warms up to you. As for me, I don’t really mind talking to people as I’m comfortable around anyone,” said the DJ.

The one similarity the two have is that they love fashion hence they run a family clothing boutique – Crazy Look Fashions.

Most special to Liz was growing up seeing someone who looked the same as her.