Diva joins motherhood

Nyasha Mtamangira

Nyasha Mtamangira

Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter
POPULAR TV personality Nyasha Mtamangira has joined the motherhood ship, as she four months ago gave birth to a baby girl.

Mtamangira, popular for the TV production Up Close and Personal and her feat in several local productions gave birth to her daughter on 20 November last year.

She spoke to Sunday Life senior reporter Peter Matika (PM) about her pregnancy, birth and motherhood experience thus far.

PM: Nyasha, you have been off the radar for the longest time, pregnancy and motherhood has surely swallowed you.

NM: Indeed it has but I am around and I am back at work now.

PM: Well you know the drill, tell us about your child . . .

NM: (laughs) it’s a girl and she is four months old, her name is Andile Tiyana Moyo.

PM: And how does it feel to be a mother?

NM: Well, it feels good. It’s a feeling you can’t describe but it’s a good one and I must say it fills me with joy. I really can’t describe it but it’s just wonderful.

PM: How did you give birth and how was the experience?

NM: I gave birth naturally. It was painful but bearable. I know that there is this picture that has been painted by many women that giving birth is one of the most excruciating things any woman can experience but for me it was okay. It was bearable on my part as I simply followed the nurse’s instructions. I was in labour for about nine hours, which the doctor said was a short time but I didn’t find it short (laughs).

PM: So where did you give birth?

NM: I gave birth at Mater Dei Hospital, here in Bulawayo.

PM: So what are your plans for her?

NM: As a new mother I am excited and want to do a lot for her, I already know which schools I want her to go to and I just have everything mapped out.

PM: Are we expecting to see another diva?

NM: Well, no. I would like her to be her own person. She doesn’t have to emulate me. The mistake that I realised most parents make is that they want to turn their children into them. I want my daughter to develop into her own person. Obviously she will be influenced by me here and there but I want her to be her own.

PM: So are you looking forward to having another child?

NM: I’ll leave that question unanswered, as you never know what the future has in store.

PM: Well thank you for your time and when should the world expect to see your daughter?

NM: I am taking her to church today so people will get a chance to get a glimpse of her there.

She mentioned that she will be working on several projects and would soon be launching a new programme.

— @peterkmatika