Pepper spray attack at Bulawayo nightclub



Showbiz Reporter
There was a stampede at popular Bulawayo nightspot Club 263 on Friday after unknown people reportedly unleashed pepper spray which led to the door being broken down.

Scores of revellers were seen gasping for air, sneezing and coughing outside the club.

When all seemed well for the merry makers, someone at the dance floor unleashed pepper spray that gives a stinging sensation in the eyes and leaving one gasping for air.

Those who were on the dance floor started coughing and were teary eyed as they rushed to the door where a second canister of pepper spray was unleashed.

There was a stampede as revellers jostled to get out of the club and the door was broken down in the process.

Some of those affected were so desperate that they ended up washing their faces with beer.

One of the affected revellers was female comedian MsDee (Nomsa Muleya) who said she felt as if she was about to die.

“We were having fun with my friends and all of a sudden I felt something tingling and then started to sneeze and cough. Before we knew it, people started moving from the dance floor towards the door.

“I couldn’t breathe at that moment and I thought that I was about to die. After a struggle we made it outside with hundreds of others also sneezing, “ said MsDee.

This is not the first time that such a stunt has been played at the same venue as a similar incident happened in April last year when the joint was then Cloud 9.