Man ‘kills’ wife after failing to sexually satisfy her

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NO sex! Come again, what?

Even the “try, try, try again, if at first you don’t succeed” poem was not enough to inspire a Gwanda man Ndabayezulu Ncube to sexual improvement hence his wife Nokuthula Khumalo decided to stop having sex with him.

That didn’t go down well with him and he struck her twice on the face with a hoe and she died on the spot.

Events leading to her death are that the couple had an argument because Ncube was allegedly a flop in bed yet he kept demanding sex time and again.

“The couple had arguments and fights in the past days because Ncube’s wife was always complaining that he could not satisfy her in bed, so maybe she thought it was wise for her not to sleep with him totally,”  said the source from Garanyemba where their homestead is.

Gwanda police spokesperson Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident.

“On 19 June a man called Ndabayezulu attacked and struck his wife two times with a hoe on her face leading to her death after she deprived the killer of conjugal rights. He is remanded to 20 July where he will appear in court for trial,” he said.