Chitungwiza clinical director in trouble

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
Chitungwiza Central Hospital clinical director Patrick Dhliwayo (45), who is accused of manhandling two nurses, has a case to answer, a magistrate ruled on Thursday.

Dhliwayo’s application for discharge at the close of the State’s case was dismissed. He was put to his defence by Chitungwiza resident magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo. The case was deferred to July 11.

Dhliwayo is facing assault and criminal insult charges. “Essential elements of assault and insult were proved. “The accused is put to his defence to answer to the allegations,” said Mr Mapfumo.

“Several witnesses testified that the accused was shouting at Sekai Cathrine Madziyanhiyo at the top of his voice saying she was a prostitute and would make sure that she is fired.

“Witnesses also said the accused approached Allen Chapfunya and asked if that was the way he supervised student nurses.”

He manhandled him. Chapfunya suffered chest pains and a swollen head. The complainants Madziyanhiyo and Chapfunya are nurses at Zengeza Clinic.

The prosecutor, Ms Netsai Nleya alleged that on February 27 this year, Dhliwayo accompanied his mother to Zengeza Clinic. The mother was referred to the consultation room and was attended by Ms Madziyanhiyo.

She allegedly referred Dhliwayo’s mother to the treatment room. It is alleged that Dhliwayo stood at Ms Madziyanhiyo’s door and started shouting.

Ms Madziyanhiyo directed him to the treatment room, but he refused. Dhliwayo reportedly called Ms Madziyanhiyo an “idiot and prostitute”

“I want that b***h to be fired by tomorrow,” Dhliwayo allegedly said. He went to Mr Chapfunya’s office and complained about junior nurses. Dhliwayo allegedly pushed Mr Chapfunya against the wall and held him by the collar.