Drunkard strays into neighbour’s daughter’s room

A 32-year-old Shurugwi man was caught red-handed at his neighbour’s house at night allegedly about to rape a minor.

For that, he was arraigned before  Shurugwi resident magistrate Tayengwa Sangster for unlawful entry and attempted rape which he pleaded not guilty to.

He blamed it on alcohol and said he thought he was at his house about to make love to his wife.

“Your worship, l was very drunk and I failed to recognise my house. I thought it was my house because the two houses look alike. Why would I rape my neighbour’s daughter when my wife was less than 50 metres away,” said Zhuwao in court.

It’s the State’s case that on January 24, 2017 at around midnight, Zhuwao gained entry into the complainant’s home through a French door with three broken window panes.

After gaining entry he went to the 10-year-old’s bedroom and pulled the minor’s pants down to knee level.

The complainant covered her face with a blanket and pulled her pants up. The movements alerted the complainant’s mother who then woke up to find his neighbour naked in her daughter’s blankets. – B-Metro