Woman cheats for airtime and chips

IT took airtime and chips!

The love for freebies while on a trip from South Africa tempted a married woman to cheat on her husband of five years only to be caught a year into the illicit affair.

The affair was blown open after the husband, Tapiwa Taruberekera (33), discovered nude pictures of his wife Sinikiwe Ndlovu (30, pictured) while using her phone.

Tapiwa Taruberekera

Tapiwa Taruberekera

Taruberekera of Pumula North suburb in Bulawayo couldn’t believe his eyes when he stumbled upon raunchy nude pictures that his wife had sent to another man.

“When I first discovered female nude pictures on my wife’s phone I was forced to go through her WhatsApp chats only to discover that the pictures were in fact hers that she had sent to another man,” said Taruberekera.

Then came the bombshell.

“She shamelessly confessed that she succumbed to the man’s advances because he bought her fast food and airtime while on a trip from South Africa. The man would also give her money during the course of their affair,” said the visibly stressed husband.

Now Taruberekera says his five-year marriage could be over.

“I never thought that my wife would cheat on me. It came as a shock that she was chatting with her boyfriend and the two were in the habit of sending each other close-up shots of their genitals,” he said.

What irks the jilted husband is that he recently tried to resolve the issue only to discover that the lovers were still seeing each other.

“After a week I thought the issue was solved. I then found new chats on my wife’s phone in which Strenous Mutomba was asking her to abandon me.

“I confronted Mutomba and took him to Pumula Police Station where he was questioned by a community relations officer on why he was having an affair with a married woman but he pretended as if he knew nothing about her marital status.

Strenous Mutomba

Strenous Mutomba

The man at the centre of the storm Mutomba denied all the allegations before telling B-Metro that the story was not newsworthy.

“How do I know that you (reporter) are from B-Metro? Besides that story is not even newsworthy,” said Mutomba before hanging up.

Ndlovu could not be reached for comment as her phone is with the husband and her whereabouts could not be ascertained. – B-Metro