NSSA worker in court for swindling job seekers

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
A Harare woman employed by the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) as a messenger reportedly swindled several job seekers of more than $6 000 after misrepresenting to them that there were vacancies at the organisation and that she was part of the recruiting team.

It is alleged that Nyasha Munhuweyi (30) misrepresented to the victims that NSSA was recruiting messengers, benefits clerks and registry clerks.

She reportedly ordered the desperate job seekers to pay training fees first ranging between $400 and $800 for them to secure employment and after payment, she gave them “letters of appointment”.

Munhuweyi yesterday appeared in court before magistrate Ms Barbra Chimboza charged with fraud.

She was remanded to March 7.

Prosecuting, Miss Audrey Chogumaira alleged that in October last year, Munhuweyi approached her friend Anita Zinhanga and misrepresented that there were vacancies at NSSA.

She advised her to look for applicants for three employment positions.

The post of benefits clerk required a training fee of $800; the post of registry clerk needed a $600 training fee; and the post of messenger required a training fee of $400.

Munhuweyi reportedly told Zinhanga that those wishing to be recruited should pay the training fee first.

During the same month, Zinhanga informed Catherine Mbulayi of the vacancies and referred her to Munhuweyi.

As a result Mbulayi called Munhuweyi, enquiring about the vacancies and she (Munhuweyi) confirmed that she was indeed employed by NSSA and was part of the recruiting team.

Due to the misrepresentation, Mbulayi alerted her sister, Theresa Majitire, who became interested and they made an appointment with Munhuweyi.

They then met at the NSSA offices, where they were advised to pay the training fees in full in order for them to receive letters of appointment.

It is the State’s case that the trio later met in Braeside, Harare where Mbulayi and Majitire paid $800 and $400 respectively to Munhuweyi and they were issued with letters of appointment.

She further told Mbulayi that she had been appointed as benefits clerk, while Majitire, who paid $400 was told she had secured a job as a messenger with effect from November 30 of the same year.

Thinking that she had indeed secured a job, Mbulayi also informed her relatives and colleagues of the vacancies. They in turn were interested and wished to apply.

Her brother Peter gave her $800 to give to Munhuweyi on his behalf and she also received $800 from Yvonne Chomadzi.

Mbulayi then gave Munhuweyi the money from Peter and Chomadzi and she was given letters of appointment.

Other complainants, Chanell Xhamela, Tsitsi Damu and Rosemary Chidawanyika, who received information on the vacancies, were referred to Munhuweyi, resulting in them paying a total of $2 100.

Munhuweyi ordered them to deposit the money into her bank account.

Two more complainants lost $1 600 to Munhuweyi and they were all given letters confirming they were now NSSA workers.

The offence came to light when the complainants did not receive any calls from NSSA and they enquired from Munhuweyi, who gave them false hope, citing that the organisation was conducting an audit and would call them for training on January 15.

They, however, became suspicious and went to NSSA offices, where they were informed by management that there were no such vacancies.

A report was made to the police, leading to Munhuweuyi’s arrest.

The victims allegedly lost a total of $6 500.