5 Things you may not know about car insurance

Having a car insurance policy is important. Though you may not want to have a car accident, there may be times when you will need to hire legal counsels like Wilshire Law Firm to assist you in your claims or times when you will need to make use of your car insurance.

If you feel like you do not have enough information yet about car insurance, check out the list below for some facts that may be prove to be important in the future.

  1. Your premium changes when details about you change – a lot of factors can affect what the price of your premium will be. Even something as minor as moving to a different address can have an effect. That’s why you need to inform your insurance provider of those changes so that you can check if there will be changes in your premium when it’s time to renew.


  1. You can save more money when you pay it in one go – paying your car insurance in small amounts regularly may be convenient, as you do not have to pay such a big amount, but like loans that you pay in installments, you can actually save more money if you pay it in one go. That’s because you will be foregoing the interest and charges. It may seem like a big amount of money at the beginning, but remember that you won’t have to be bothered with a monthly bill after that.


  1. Researching about insurance prices before you buy a car is a smart choice – unless you are dead set on buying a particular car model, you might want to do some research first so that you save money. There are some who just buy cars because they need it, and they are not very choosy on what model to get. Sometimes, even expensive cars can be cheaper in terms of insurance. This applies to cars that have advanced security systems or GPS trackers. They may be expensive to buy but you can actually get a cheaper premium for cars such as those.


  1. Always do a comprehensive comparison of insurance providers before getting their service – don’t believe the first sales pitch you hear. There are different ways that insurance providers do their business, so there may be a great difference in their services and prices. What you can do is ask for recommendations from friends, list all those companies down. Then do your search on the internet so that you can add to your shortlist. Some companies offer a free quote for your insurance so you can take advantage of that. Make sure to contact the companies on your list so you can list down their services and compare how they are different from others.


  1. Some insurance providers can give coverage for your pet’s injuries – this may not be applicable to all, but if you have a pet and you often bring them with you on your travels, check to see if you can include them in your coverage. It is already a given the insurance will be able to cover the injuries of the driver and the passengers, but the same cannot be said for pets. If a pet is injured, it will also cost some money to pay for veterinarian bills and even more if they will need surgery or other treatment.