‘Increased coordination key in agri-business value chains’

Mr Sifelani Jabangwe

Mr Sifelani Jabangwe

Prince Sunduzani, Business Reporter
CONFEDERATION of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) president Mr Sifelani Jabangwe has called for increased coordination between players in the agri-business value chain to enable planning for different seasons and improving productivity.

He said agriculture players stand a better chance to steer economic growth if they coordinate their work and mobilise the required inputs on time.

In an interview Mr Jabangwe said poor coordination has in the past seen some farmers failing to acquire critical inputs as manufactures would have under estimated their demand.

“We need to coordinate better with the agri-business players value chain. This will result in increased productivity. For instance, the farming season’s fertiliser requirement is determined by the projected production of the different crops,” said Mr Jabangwe.

He said it was therefore important for those supplying fertiliser to have accurate information on the possible quantities required in a particular season.

Mr Jabangwe said in order to address this information gap, stakeholders recently resolved to have quarterly planning meetings for all crops.

“The key thing is to have everyone, including Government under one roof to discuss each quarter. We believe that this will help us to have  the required information to prepare for the season,” said Mr Jabangwe.