Benhura lends hand to artists

RENOWNED sculptor Dominic Benhura has described his Dominic’s Studio as a marketing window for local artists who showcase their artworks at the studio in Greendale, Harare.


The contemporary art studio has become a grooming institution for a number of artists carrying out their trade there.

Regarded as an ambassador of Zimbabwean sculpture, Benhura said he has passion for art hence the establishment of the studio that also supports talent by providing free accommodation, stones and tools to artists.

“At Dominic’s Studios, we want people who are creative, not those who are commercial. We also display other artists’ works so that we expose their talent. When tourists visit us, they get the full package and if they are interested in some pieces we then link them with the owners,” he said.

“It is my desire to continue imparting this knowledge to fellow artists and contribute to boosting Zimbabwe’s tourism image overseas.”

Benhura said he also assists other centres like Tafara-Mabvuku Art Centre with stones, while students from Harare International School, Heritage School, Eaglesvale High School and Chinhoyi University of Technology often come for research and attachment.

Some artworks on display at the studio are paintings by former Miss Zimbabwe Brita Masalethulini.

Benhura’s contemporary sculpting style made him one of Africa’s greatest artists.

He has presented his work to the United Nations, the European Commission and The Nelson Mandela Foundation, while some of his sculptures are displayed in Canada, United States and United Kingdom.