Soul Jah Love hits back


TRENDSETTING dancehall chanter Soul Jah Love has refused to take blows from Zanu PF lying down and yesterday responded with a stinging 1 minute 29 seconds freestyle track titled Zvinhu.


Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love

The video track, which was uploaded on YouTube yesterday, clocked over 700 views within just an hour.

Soul Jah Love, who was billed to perform at a Zanu PF rally at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare addressed by President Robert Mugabe, was dressed down in a show of public humiliation by Zanu PF youth leader, Innocent Hamandishe, who described the musician as a “none-entity”.

This was after Zanu PF supporters had started mobbing him in excitement.

In the tongue in cheek response, Soul Jah Love said while he was sorry about the incident, there was nothing he could do about his popularity.

In one of the lines, the chanter sings that he is not “Chatunga,” in reference to the First Family’s last son.

“Soul Jah Love hachisi chinhu. Mukadaro haaridze pano. Makuda kutiridzira tuSouljah Love pano apa zvine basa rei izvozvo. Iwe Soul Jah Love ita discipline udzokere kumashure. Chii chauri kuda kutiitira ipapo. Wakufarisa” (Soul Jah Love you are nothing. If you keep on doing that he will not perform here … Soul Jah Love be disciplined. What are you trying to do? You’re becoming too big-headed), Hamandishe said.

Speculation has always been rife that the chanter was a Zanu PF member after he recorded a track in which he showered praises on Mugabe. In January 2015, there were reports that he released another track, Gamatox, in which he dissed the party’s former secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, while singing praises to First Lady Grace Mugabe.

The award-winning chanter rose to fame in 2012 with hits including Ndini Uya Uya and Gum-kum with his trademark chants “Chibabababa” and “Hauite! Hauite!” The signature chants appear in all his songs.