Hot traditional Zim cuisine with a twist

HOME is not just where the heart is. It is also the third round of where our battle commences in the TM Pick n Pay Battle of the Chefs Episode 8.

By arts reporter

Battle of the Chefs Episode 8

Battle of the Chefs Episode 8

According to Zimbabwean traditions, kinship is strongly based on a shared meal. While Americans have burgers, the Chinese have rice and Italians have pasta, Zimbabweans have their own good old sadza.

Sadza and relish is the daily staple diet for many Zimbabweans, with many feeling “incomplete” if they have not eaten sadza in the day.

In this episode you will see the talented contestants — Kundai Muchankyuka (our gentle giant), Dylan Taylor (who is not afraid of the bush, but never tasted madora [mopane worms]), Tatenda Nyamande (the one who always opens the fridge and something falls out), and Cherron Harry (the cool chic who loves here hoop earrings) — giving you all very creative ideas of how to serve your sadza.

These include sadza with braised pork, sadza balls with chicken livers, millet sadza and your usual sadza and vegetables.

Hupfu wezviyo (millet sadza) is definitely an interesting choice in this episode, as it is said to help regulate blood sugar levels, which means it is perfect for diabetics, helps with weight loss and reduces cholestorol levels.

The cooking process is very similar to your conventional sadza, but you need to simmer it at the end for an extra few minutes.

Our innovation basket includes kapenta, maputi (popped corn) and sweet potatoes. What will the chefs pull out of their hats this episode was given 40 minutes? Salted caramel maputi makes sense, but to include kapenta in a dessert? How would that work?

Dried kapenta can be deep fried to make it crispy or alternatively soaked in water to reduce the saltiness and added to your vegetable relish.

Fresh kapenta on the other hand can be put into a batter and fried, served with sauce, this makes a great snack if you are on Lake Kariba with your sundowners looking into the sunset.

The all-time favourite sweet potatoes can be such a versatile vegetable that can be mashed, roasted, fried or boiled.

Our set recipe this week may appeal to some — Mopane Worm Quiche. Madora are rich in protein and an affordable source too. Soaked in water for about 3-4 hours, they become tender and ready for use.

If you prefer a crunch, then eat them out of their packet like you would crisps. Watch this episode and see how the chefs fair in this round, considering that some have neither prepared it nor have they tasted it.

Judges for this first masterclass episode of the season, which will be screened tonight at 6pm on ZTV, are Stephen Hyde, Lincoln Myambo and Rumbie Shoko. You can follow Battle of the Chefs on or watch on