Poet releases liberation war anthology

RISING poet Brightshow Mudungwe, known as Cde Nyanduri has released an anthology of mbira poetry titled Chokwadi Hachirove valuing President Robert Mugabe’s leadership and appreciating the works of the freedom fighters during the liberation struggle.


Speaking to NewsDay, Mudungwe said he was inspired by stories he was told by his parents, who were also part of the freedom fighters, to release the anthology.

“My parents were freedom fighters, so I grew up hearing stories about the problems they faced during that time which made me to like Zanu PF and our President who I feel has the best leadership skills” Mudungwe said.

“We are now living in peace so we cannot forget the good things that the freedom fighters and Zanu PF did for us because they are not lies,. That is why I called my collection, Chokwadi Hachirove.”

In the anthology, the 34-year-old poet addresses issues to do with the forthcoming 2018 elections in the poem Hutungamiriri, were he reminds the people not to shun away Mugabe, who he referred to as a ‘God chosen ruler’.

“God chooses people to be rulers in every nation and God chose President Mugabe for Zimbabwe so in Hutungamiriri I am warning people not to turn against the ruling party because they will be going against God’s will”, he said.

Some of the poems on the anthology — Magamba, Hutongi, Hutungamiriri and Yakauya Neropa — are inspired by musician Dickson “Cde Chinx” Chingaira, Mudungwe started doing poems at a tender age while in primary school and in 2007 he started participating in a radio programme titled Detembai Tinzwe at Radio Zimbabwe.

He said he is working towards publishing his debut book titled Mafuro Manyoro.