Gospel musician Mukaro returns with a single

GOSPEL musician Tafadzwa Mukaro has released a new single, Ndashanda, in which she exhibits her composing prowess.


Tafadzwa Mukaro

Tafadzwa Mukaro

Mukaro says the single, which was produced by Munya Vialy and is currently enjoying fair play on radio, captures the daily struggles experienced by ordinary people.

“The message in the song is about the day-to-day struggles experienced by people to make ends meet. With all the struggles, people must know that God sustains us by giving us strength and blessing the work of our hands,” she said.

“The miracle of it all is that God sustains the work of our hands. He enables us to wake up each new day by giving us the gift of life, good health and ideas of how to work and earn a living. When work is challenging physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, He sustains us.”

Mukaro said being consistent in releasing songs presented an opportunity for her to explore and discover herself as a serious and committed gospel artiste ready to minister through music.

She said composing music was not easy during the early years of her career, but she had since mastered the art.

“I discovered my musical talent at an early phase in life, but I never knew it would take centre stage, as it is doing right now in my life,” she said.

Mukaro, however, bemoaned rampant piracy, which she said had affected artistes who are losing thousands of dollars to pirates feeding off their sweat.

She called on the authorities to impose stiffer penalties on pirators.

Backed by her Faith Movers band, Mukaro continues to hone her skills with live performances at functions such as weddings, church gatherings and corporate events.

She is well-known for gospel hits including Mhinduro, Kupisirira Kune Zuva, Tinomurumbidza and Munamato