Maggie’s life outside comedy

SHARON ‘Maggie’ Chideu, one of the few women, who have managed to break into the local male dominated stand-up comedy circuit, could have ended-up as a psychologist or actress, but fate had it otherwise.


Sharon ‘Maggie’ Chideu

Sharon ‘Maggie’ Chideu

Growing up, she was just a little girl with dreams that also included being the main person behind video productions.

Chideu told NewsDay Weekender that although she had managed to make a name for herself in the comedy industry, she had always had a battle between her mind and passion.

“Back in school, I was always one of those girls, who was always either reading a novel or writing a story and fantasising about playing the lead. I was also in the English drama club and I always wanted to be an actress, but I didn’t think I would be a comedian,” she recalled.

Most of her avid followers would be delighted to learn that the talented actress studied directing and script writing and has a repertoire of other skills, too.

“I really want to direct music videos. I love dancing and I write bits and pieces of poetry. I also sing a lot and the most funny party is I love cooking and eating although I don’t know where the food goes,” she said.

Chideu said behind all the glitz and glamour of the comedy industry, she still had a normal daily routine that she followed.

“Like any other normal person, I wake up early every day and do my chores, be it cooking or cleaning. I always try to make dinner for my family and spend time with my daughter, Samara, before retiring to bed,” she said.

The gifted actress said she had high hopes of fulfilling her education dreams. She started entertaining the idea of studying Psychology with the University of South Africa (Unisa) in 2013, but she is saving money for it.

“I was accepted by Unisa in 2014 and was about to register when I discovered that I was pregnant and it all ended there,” she said.

Chideu, who is based in Harare, is mother to two-year-old Samara.

With all the success coming her way on the comedy scene, Chideu still uses public transport despite being a licenced driver, as she cannot afford her own wheels at the moment.

Always elegantly dressed, Chideu revealed that most of her dresses were her own creations, but was dressed by Jan Jam for red carpet events.