Mugabe, WHO embarrassed themselves

IN response to Shame as WHO demotes Mugabe: The World Health Organisation (WHO) appointment was to shield President Robert Mugabe from embarrassment as the only Head of State at what would pass as a low-key gathering of, at least, directors of health of attending countries, or, at best, Ministers of Health.

By Bobo Shanti,Our Reader

But a Head of State, hey, all present would not understand why.

So, they thought it less embarrassing to give the loner some honour.

But the world knows better, and soon the honour was deservedly withdrawn, only to relive the embarrassment that a whole Head of State, who had no business attending such, should have seen coming.

While Mugabe should be ashamed of being stripped of this honour, WHO is equally guilty.

Mugabe did not ask for the appointment.

To then strip him of something he did not ask for shows how shallow some of these institutions have become.

They knew of Mugabe’s human rights record and the collapse of the health system in this country, thanks to him, but they still appointed him.

This stripping has more to do with the countries who fund WHO (United States, United Kingdom, European Union etc)
They probably threatened to withhold funding.

WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus should actually resign in shame because he surely is to blame for this embarrassing debacle.

How do you appoint such a fellow and such an old, tired and sick man to be goodwill ambassador when he does not even have any goodwill left in him?

He does not attend routine medical check-ups in his home country because he has run down the health delivery system.

Mugabe’s daughter, Bona, delivered her son in the Far East just because Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Hospital is now a pale shadow of its former self.

All public hospitals are in the intensive care unit, thanks to Mugabe. They have run out of medication to the extent that they only prescribe pain killers on patients.

He who has ears let him hear.