Celine Dion & Husband Rene Angelil Divorce After 20 Years!

Celine and Rene’s marriage comes to an end after exactly 20 long years, which is a lifetime in Hollywood. She says it’s because the couple having had communication breakdowns that brought them to the brink of a split, but then they always found a way to fix things and work it all out.


The main reason is the large 26 year age gap. Celine is 47 while Rene Angelil is 73. “When we were younger we were on the same wave length, but we both can agree the big age gap just leaves us out of tune and never on the same page, it has nothing to do with looks, after 20 years I’m still very attracted and love him, but both Rene and I both can agree that it’s just become way too tough for the both of us. He’s still my best friend!”


While Celine is looking beautiful these days, she wasn’t always like that. She was showing signs of aging, but then just seemed to be getting younger and younger. After poking around the story and keeping our ears open, we can reveal the exclusive scoop detailing what she’s staying silent about… or trying to, at least! Read on to find out.
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  • Sandra Cariglia

    Stop the rumours, I know they had problems about 7-8 years ago, since then Celine has said they had to learn to re communicate and that they are back on track, the way they look at each other tell you they are still in love