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YouTube’s release of ‘The Interview’ a chance to show off paid video chops

SAN FRANCISCO  – Google Inc’s decision to screen Sony Pictures’ film “The Interview” may help legitimize its YouTube platform as a serious rival to paid video streaming services, Netflix and Inc. Sony Pictures made the controversial film available online on Wednesday, expanding distribution of a comedy that triggered a destructive cyberattack against the company that has been blamed on

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Is Google’s “don’t be evil” mantra a publicity stunt? Customer is blamed for a substandard product

I have always trusted Google as I perceived them to be a friendly company that cared for people more than money. Compared to Apple, I painted this picture of Google being perfect. On numerous occasions, I have recommended Google products to my friends thinking that Google will not be evil and treat them well. However, my perception of Google is

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BlackBerry Messenger for Android coming first to Samsung Galaxy devices in Africa

Whether or not you agree that BlackBerry Messenger for Android is something to be excited about, it is now on its way. And the first batch of Android-powered devices that will offer it will come in the form of Samsung’s Galaxy-branded tablets and smartphones across Africa. This is according to a recent online press release which was brought to our attention by

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